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Namastu, (We bow to the divinity within you) and Greetings to The Renewed Qubtic Essential Radio Show: Health Practitioners Corner

Your Radio Show Host: Ka-hun Montu Tar

The aim of the Health Practitioners Corner is to make people aware of the benefits of natural healing and herbs. The most important thing is to normalise this into people’s everyday lives.  If you are  able to  utilise herbs properly,  you won’t get sick, if you use herbs  properly  you won’t be trying to heal yourselves,  you  will most likely  be saying  “let me try to stay well and healthy.”   We like to “say prevention is better than cure”.  Everyone hears this, but not everyone over-stands the importance of the statement.  We say let’s stay well, if we can remain well we won’t get sick, therefore limit the usage and need for pharmaceutical products. The idea is to let people know the benefits of herbs and how herbs can heal us and, or how they can keep us well.

The Health Practitioners Corner came about as we were presenting our show each week. Within our show we speak about other aspects of life, pertaining to the Holy Qubtic Church. Through these topics more of our listeners wanted to know more about healing. So with this in mind the Health Practitioners Corner will constantly make sure that our listeners are dealing with their health, this means that they will constantly tune in to know more about our church as well as practical solutions to their health.

We aim to heal all aspects of you. The physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. We support our listeners to gain access to information, practical solutions to the health. To have access to quality products and affordable services through our show, that will benefit them on all aspects of self.

Our listeners will gain by not only knowing about the Holy Qubtic Church, but also know more about themselves, which is the main thing. In order to “heal thyself” you must “know thyself” so this is why we bring the health practitioners onto the show. Our listeners will learn for example about the nervous system, colon and the mind in order to get an over-standing of themselves on all levels. Once our listeners have an over-standing of who and what they are, and how their body functions, they will continue to feed their body with the right things in order to stay healthy.

The Health Practitioners Corner will include conversations with health practitioners who specialise in various aspects of health. Each week representatives of the Tree of Eternal Life will speak about the Al Khemist healing herbs and their benefits to health and welling, along with businesses and suppliers who have a focus on health and wellbeing. We will also  focus on current affairs from a health perspective, as the reality is that the society we live within has an effect on our health and wellbeing in some way, shape or form. Society is part of the problem in the sense that issues in society effect the way we function, this in turns has some sort of effect on our health. It is all interconnected in some way, the Health Practitioners Corner will deliver this information and more.

What our listeners say

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