Preparations from different parts of the plant are used in traditional medicine for the treatment and management of malaria, abscesses, hepatitis, pneumonia, diabetes, hypertension, malaria, pneumonia and other chest-conditions. The seeds (they are hard) are usually ground to a fine powder and added to foods or taken as an infusion (as if making tea). Some people take it with water while some soak the seeds or its powder in coconut water and drink.

In Gabon, the seeds are applied externally for the treatment of abscesses. In Ghana, the seed-decoction is given as an enema while the crushed seed is taken by mouth for chest-complaints, pneumonia, gastrointestinal disorders and dysmenorrhea. In Ghana, the fruit’s hard shell is filled with palm-wine which is drunk after it has absorbed the bitter principle and it’s taken as a remedy for fever. The leaves are used as a vermifuge and the leaf-sap is dripped into the ears for otitis. The bark is used as laxatives and purgative, anthelmintic, treatment of venereal diseases, febrifuges and also to treat hernia. In Ivory Coast.

The paste of the Abere Seeds and Shea Butter are rubbed on the abdomen to treat leucorrhoea in women. In Cameroon, a fruit decoction is taken to cure cough or typhoid fever, in DR Congo, the bark is used similarly. The bitter bark is boiled and the decoction is drunk against food poisoning or venereal diseases.

In Congo, a bark decoction is taken as a purgative or to treat hernia and with other plants to relieve gonorrhoea. In southern Cameroon and Congo, a bark decoction is drunk to cure sterility in men. The crushed seeds, roots or fruit pulp are also ingredients for arrow poison. Extracts of the roots, stem bark and fruit rind showed highly significant inhibitory effects in vitro against parasites associated with malaria.  The antimalarial activity is also present in the seeds and leaves, but at a lower level.


How to use Abere Seeds

*for eye problem, chew two seeds morning ad night until you see good result.

*For internal heat chew two to three seed and drink water two times per day.

*For piles grind 20 seed mix with 35cl bottle of lime juice. Take two shot two times a day.

* For blood sugar and cure of diabetes in 3-4 weeks chew 2-3seeds per day .

* For waist pain chew 2-3 seeds and drink water two times per day.

*For high blood pressure/hypertension chew 2-3 seeds two times per day.

*For stomach problem chew two seeds morning and night.

*For  man booster chew two seeds morning and night..


However, combining Abere with blood-sugar lowering medications is like embarking on a suicide mission! Do not use the two together. People who already have low-blood sugar issues should not take the Abere Seed at all.


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