The Message Of The Messiah To The World




In these latter days so many around the world are awaiting, looking for, seeking, teaching, preaching and hoping on the arrival of a Savior. Now, whether this savior is called the Mashiakh, Messiah, Christ, or Krishna everyone is seeking him and even many more are claiming a divine right and connection to him. Yet, there exists one major problem which all of these dogmas have and that is: what was and is The Message of the Messiah to World. This is a very important question because since he is the one appointed over humanity, it is important that we know this factual message in order to know what we are supposed to be doing and just how we will know him when he returns. The Message of the Messiah to The World has all of the biblical references and quotes to satisfy not only the religious but also the intellectual and cultural aspects of your being.

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