Solar Biology or Lunar Astrology




Throughout the entire world the subjects of astronomy and astrology have occupied the minds of so many for so long that they have come to dominate almost every aspect of life, religion, science and even relationships. Yet, with all the interest in these subjects there seems to be a purposeful ignoring of the origin of them especially as they pertain to the Tama-Rean (Ancient African) continent. As such this parchment deals with the original planetary teachings of astronomy and how it relates and affects the physical body of members of humanity. It answers the basic questions but goes further to not only introduce you to Solar Biology but do so in such a way that you will realize that it is not just the basic pseudo-science of astrology. If you are one who wants to know the astrological and biological realities which the Tama-Reans (Ancient Africans) kept, then this parchment is a must for you.

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