Shu Powder – 60 Capsules (Funtumia Elastica Bark)



Funtumia Elastica Bark  has been used in west Africa Ghana traditionally for respiratory health conditions such as asthma, lung infections and coughing.


60 Capsules

Funtumia Elastica Bark (wild crafted)

Vegan Capsules

Shu Powder Capsules:


1 capsule twice a day with water. 1x morning and 1x evening.

Children (under 12yrs):

1⁄2 capsule twice a day
1x morning and 1x evening.


Mix 1⁄2 of the powder in the capsule with natural sweetener, e.g. agave, honey or jam. This will help to mask the bitter taste. Stir mixture before every use.

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