Moringa Family Group: Moringa and Seamoss Tea



Moringa  and Sea Moss tea is loaded with bio nutrients, anti-oxidants and a multitude of vitamins that are known for boosting the immune system and improving brain functionality. The tea contains high levels of vitamin B5 and B12, which helps your body breakdown food more effectively allowing the body to absorb the nutrients more easily. This in turn promotes good gut health. The  combination of Moringa and Sea Moss offers you a highly nutritionally tea.

Sea Moss is thought to help reduce the appetite due to its ability to absorb moisture, increasing its volume and filling the intestinal tract with a bulking type material, thus increasing the feeling of fullness. Its gentle laxative effect can promote the elimination process of waste through the gastrointestinal tract. The aforementioned iodine content can boost metabolism which in turn will increase energy and can help to accelerate weight loss.

This product is NOT for use by pregnant or lactating women. 

One Teabag can give you up to two servings of tea.

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Weight 80 g