How Egyptian And Sumerian Realities Became The Bible’s Mythology




Every religion has its holy books based on their own translations, interpretations, which are based on the domination often of indigenous persons and resources on this planet. Yet, it is extremely important that all of these religions seem to have covertly or overtly ignored the actual influence which Tama-Re (Ancient Africa) has had on all of their teachings, mythologies, beliefs, and eventually religions. As such it is necessary in this day and age; especially for the developing Nubian-Melaninite mind that the realities of original culture be overstood to reaffirm the glory and pride which Tama-Re (Ancient Africa) inclusive of Egypt and her children once had and must be made to have again. Therefore this parchment is being made available to all members of humanity in hopes of clarifying the role which Tama-Re (Ancient Africa) holds in the eventual birth of all world religions.