Ankh Ra: Moringa Seeds

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The protein in these amazing seeds contributes to the normal growth and maintenance of muscle mass. High-quality Moringa seeds also have Vitamin A that contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, mucous membranes, and vision. These seeds are full of amazing benefits. Moringa seeds also contain a powerful antibiotic and fungicide called Pterygospermin.


According to research, these seeds are known for their ability to cleanse and purify river water, making water crystal clean for domestic use. This is a unique quality of the crushed Moringa seeds which researchers state could be used for water purification around the world. Try chewing up our high-quality Moringa seeds and drink a bottle of water after and notice the Moringa experience there and then as it enhances the taste of your water while giving health benefits due to the high level of nutrients.

Increased Libido with Moringa Seeds 

 Men have reported an increased libido effect after consuming high-quality Moringa seeds. They also felt an increased ability to perform during sexual intercourse after taking the seeds. This could be due to the iron found in Moringa that contributes to the normal maintenance of energy-yielding metabolism and the normal maintenance and formulation of red blood cells.

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