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Hidden benefits of Jamaican Dogwood

What Is Jamaican Dogwood?

Native to Central America, the West Indies and Florida, there are so many illnesses and diseases that have been treated and cured by the herbs grown in our backyards. That is one thing there is no shortage of in Jamaica, herbs are everywhere. Many we grew up on, using them for just about everything from the common cold to joint pains and much more. While you may be familiar with dandelion, fever grass, and Cerasee, have you ever heard of or seen Jamaican Dogwood


What Is Jamaican Dogwood Good For?

Jamaican Dogwood is used for many purposes.  is also used widely in the herbal medicine community as a treatment for insomnia, nervous system conditions and joint and back pain. If you frequently have menstruation or abdominal pains, it is definitely something you can look into trying. It is also said to relieve migraines and anxiety among other conditions.

One of the best things about the Jamaican Dogwood plant is that when used is its effect is almost immediate and long-lasting.

Traditional uses

  • Jamaican Dogwood is used as a treatment for migraine, neuralgia, dysmenorrhea, insomnia caused due to nervous tension and neuralgia.
  • It is useful for fear, anxiety and as a daytime sedative.
  • In French Guiana Galini, it is used as an analgesic for neuralgia, toothache and calms soporific for insomnia.
  • It is used to treat migraine and nerve pain.
  • The herbs possess sweat promoting and pain relieving properties.
  • It is used to provide relief from smooth muscle spasms on digestive tract.
  • The plant is used as an aid for nervous breakdown, toothaches, dysmenorrhea and menstrual cramps.
  • A decoction made from bark is used to provide relief from whooping cough and cough.
  • Use as an external wash for skin problems.
  • It is used to provide relief from pain, promote sleep, relieve cough, lower muscle spasms, inflammation and fever.


  • Avoid during pregnancy and also by lactation women.
  • Overdose causes tremors, numbness, sweating and salivation. Seek for medical attention if experienced these symptoms.
  • Use Jamaican Dogwood with caution.
  • Use it under the supervision of health practitioner.
  • Not recommended for children.
  • This herb might interact with supplements, other herbs and medications.
  • The elder people should also avoid it.
  • Side effects such as nausea, gastric distress and depression might be experienced.


How Do You Use Jamaican Dogwood Herb?

The bark of the Jamaican dogwood tree has been used to created tinctures. Tinctures are basically using extracts or parts of the plant and dissolving it in ethanol. This extract is what is taken as a form of medication, the dosage being dependent on the recommendation of doctors and herbalists.

It is also available as a liquid extract and small pieces of the bark are also sold. This is sometimes used to be brewed into a sort of tea. Dogwood tea is not recommended to drink in more than portions of 2 ounces for every 150lbs of body weight.


How Do You Make Jamaican Dogwood Tea?

To make Jamaican Dogwood as tea is quite simple and common to how most herbal teas are prepared. The bark is quite potent, so you won’t need a lot. Here is what you will need:

  • Dried Jamaican Dogwood Tree Bark
  • Water
  • Honey

Here is a simple method of preparation anyone can try:

  • Step 1: cut the dried bark of the Jamaican Dogwood Tree Bark into tiny pieces then measure 2 tablespoons for every 8oz cup of water you intend on preparing.
  • Step 2: bring water to a boil then add dried pieces of bark.
  • Step 3: after simmering for around 20 minutes on low heat, remove from the fire and strain the tea.
  • Step 4: sweeten the tea with honey to your liking.

Jamaican Dogwood is an amazing plant, but everyone is uniquely made and its effect on your body may not be the same as everyone else, so always remember to consult your doctor before trying any new herbal medications.

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