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Meet our Health Practitioners

Our health practitioners contribute heavily to improving the quality of and access to health care for people and communities both regionally and internationally . They provide essential services that promote health, prevent illnesses, and deliver health care services through their health care practices.

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Complementary Therapist:
Sister Ren-Nen-Tet

A Complementary Therapist uses various tools to bring about equilibrium within the body on a daily basis

As a child I watched my father work with his hands, pulling apart and reassembling cars, I was so proud of him. The blueprint had been laid! Now I am creating, fixing, as my father did, however with herbs, and seeing the outcomes and benefits people get from them.  Creating herbs gives me the motivation to keep doing this so people will continue to want what I have to offer. Working with clients around the world without meeting them personally has been one of my greatest experiences on this journey. A client of mine who was bedridden in another country rose from the bed and is now running her own food business.  Clients with stage 2 breast cancer and stage 4 ovarian cancer are both cancer-free.

I am client oriented, which permits me to cultivate relationships with my clients over time, since I have been able to meet their needs and  interests no matter the circumstances, or  the situation.

Areas of specialism:

Physiology and Anatomy

Massage:  Swedish, deep tissue, holistic

Reflexology and Aromatherapy

Clients who may be experiencing pain, emotional distress, or physiological problems can benefit from these services.


Herbal Studies: Botanical Herbs

Herbal Studies: Chinese herbs

Iridology:  Study of the Eyes

Images of the left and right eye are seen by looking at the nerve ends in the iris. All organs are readily visible, so one can determine the strengths and weaknesses of the organ or system.


Ren-Nen-Tet Divine Herbals was founded in 2019. Ren-Nen-Tet Divine Herbals are made to move stagnation pain Inflammation on all levels by regenerating all weakness within the body.0


Ath-Letes Foot Powder: For those stubborn fungus in between the toes.

Natures Eyes Drops: For those dry eyes itchy eyes mucus eyes.

Mir-arcle Bone Restorer: Excellent for joint pain anywhere in the body

All products are aimed at getting the system to move out of that stagnant position,

bringing life back into the person, making them whole again.

Contact: Tree of Eternal Life +44 208 800 3114


Medical Herbalist:
Kandake Marion Makonnen

Medical herbalists are trained similar to you’re a GP but we do not use pharmaceuticals but instead use nutrition, lifestyle and herbs to restore health and wellness to our clients. Part of our training is to integrate traditional with western knowledge.

I was introduced to the use of herbs and healing by my grandmother when I was taken to Jamaica to live for a spell as a child. In my teens I decided to embrace a more holistic lifestyle as a Rastafarian and left London once again to Jamaica to live amongst the Rastafarian community for 14 years living an ‘ital’ natural way of life. 5 years into my stay a very close friend was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. This would be turning point in my journey with herbs. I began in ernest researching the therapeutic uses of herbs.

For many years, I practiced herbal medicine, healthy nutrition and a nature based approach to healing and life on the island of Jamaica until I decided to integrate my traditional knowledge with Western scientific knowledge.

 In 2003 I attended Westminster University and attained a Bsc (Hons) degree in Medical Herbalism and nutrition and have been working ever since in private healthcare.  For many of these years I worked out of the TLC Health Centre, N4 as part of a team of health professionals including GPs, diabetic specialists, gynaecologists, osteopaths and physiotherapists. I have also studied traditional healing with the Dogomba people of West Africa.

What we do 


My consultations are comprehensive and in depth. I look at lifestyle, medical complaints, drugs, diet, occupation, family history, background and presenting complaint, overall assessment of systems (incl. stress levels, sleep etc). I give blood pressure readings and physical examinations if required.

As a holistic healer I understand that many issues which have a physical manifestation often have an emotional/psychological component to it. As well as my formal training I also use intuition and my skills from my NLP training which helps to reprogramme behavioural patterns which no longer serve you.

  • I treat the whole person that is, I treat each patient as an individual, having regard for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being thereby treating the whole person.
  • I also focus on diet, lifestyle, and herbs, thought patterns and their processes and mind body interactions.
  • Our formal training requires sound knowledge the four key areas of science, maths, chemistry, physics and biology including medical knowledge which covers areas such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, pathophysiology pharmaceuticals, diagnosis, botany pharmokinetics, and drug herb interactions. We are in the unique position of being able to diagnose and prepare our medication to treat the dis-ease. As a Medical herbalist we have the outlook of a holistic healer/practitioner and our therapeutic strategy reflects that.



My areas of practice cover many areas including: 



Inflammation and pain

Skin conditions

Women’s health issues

Circulatory issues

And more…. 




Anti-diabetic tincture

Anti-diabetic tea

Circulatory support tincture

Circulatory support tea

Corona virus tincture

Corona virus tea

Womb calm tincture

Herbal sleep tincture

Yoni steam

Nasal steam

Anti-parasitic tincture

Energy booster

Herbal relaxant

Anti-inflammatory tea


Contact: Tree of Eternal Life +44 208 800 3114


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