About us

Who are we?

Tree of Eternal Life is a one stop shop for your African and Caribbean bush herbs, super foods and powders. In addition we sell a range of health foods, drinks, supplements and natural beauty products. At the heart of the Tree of Eternal is the desire for more people to take the next step in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle and conscious consumption.

Why did we start?

The Tree of Eternal Life represents health, wellness and longevity. The idea behind the Tree of Eternal Life was due to the growing demand for accessible local quality health foods at affordable prices.

“We want our communities to buy healthier foods at affordable prices”

Our aim

Tree of Eternal Life aims to provide all of our customers with “a natural way to wellness” by offering a wide selection of high quality health products, along with a  friendly customer service. We are passionate about the health and wellness of our customers. Here at Tree of Eternal Life we want your experience in our store to be stress free. We take the time to listen to your health concerns and provide you with knowledgeable advice and solutions for you and your whole family. 

What our customers say about us